46 Sites for FanFiction of All Types


Since I last wrote, I’ve received over 100 emails regarding fanfiction. Everyone who wrote had a very passionate position on the subject. Though there were a few people who had negative reactions to it, most of the writers were happy that I agree fanfiction is not only difficult to write, but also that I believe it’s a very valid form of writing. Thank you all for your comments and messages!

Want some more fanfic? Here’s a list of sites to check out for ideas, inspiration and definitely entertainment:

  1. FanFiction.Net
  2. Harry Potter FanFiction.com
  3. Lord of the Rings FanFiction
  4. Star Trek FanFiction
  5. Xena FanFiction
  6. The LOST FanFiction Archive
  7. West Wing FanFiction Central
  8. Valjean’s DARK ANGEL FanFiction
  9. Chronicles of Narnia FanFiction
  10. Heliopolis: SG-1 FanFiction Archive
  11. Twilighted: All-Inclusive, High-Quality Twilight FanFiction
  12. DAFF: The Dark Angel FanFiction Archive
  13. Xena/Ares FanFiction Library
  14. The Alpha Gate : A Stargate SG-1 FanFiction Archive
  15. Jericho FanFiction
  16. Dark Side of the Net: Dark, Gothic, & Vampire FanFiction
  17. Silent Hill FanFiction
  18. FanFiction Now
  19. MSCL.com – “My So-Called Life” TV show tribute
  20. Parda’s Highlander FanFiction
  21. The L word FanFiction
  22. FictionAlley – Creativity is Magic!
  23. A-Team Fan Fiction
  24. The House Fan Fiction Archive
  25. Slashfanfiction.com
  26. Welcome to TwoChickies 70’s & 80’s Television Fan Fiction!
  27. Jonas Brothers FanFiction
  28. FanFiction Library
  29. Debbie’s Collection
  30. Femslash FanFiction
  31. Days of our Lives FanFiction Guide
  32. FanFiction Site List
  33. Psychfic : A Psych FanFiction Archive
  34. Lois & Clark FanFiction Archive
  35. Twilight Archives – Twilight FanFiction and FanArt
  36. World of FanFiction
  37. Welcome to the Scarecrow & Mrs. King FanFiction Archive
  38. Kyle XY FanFiction
  39. List of FanFiction – Ghost Whisperer
  40. Colleen’s Lonesome Dove FanFiction
  41. Kirk/Spock FanFiction
  42. Welcome to The Sugar Quill
  43. Sabershadowkat’s Home Page
  44. The Mentalist FanFiction
  45. Pam’s Zorro FanFiction
  46. Malfoy FanFiction Fan listing

Do you have any links to add to the list?

Emily Smith is a writer, photographer, and designer who hails from Southwest Alabama. In her spare time she writes fanfiction and adds needless content to her novel.


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