5 Writing Blogs to Feed On

feed-icon7b1We all know the internet is brimming with all sorts of talented writer-types, but sometimes it’s hard to sift through the thousands of writing-related material coming at us. To save some reference searching time — which can now be invested in brainstorming, editing, showering (It’s about time you scheduled that in), exercising (HA!) or just plain old relaxin’ (Imagine that!) — here are a handful of subscription-worthy blogs to peruse.

I know, you’re welcome. Happy feeding and possible tweeting!

Freelance Folder

Not only is Freelance Folder a great website for writers, it’s a must-have reference for wannabes and established freelancers alike. How could it not be, with contributing works from well-known bloggers like James Chartrand (Men With Pens), Jacob Cass (Just Creative Design) and Naomi Dunford (IttyBiz). Go ahead, subscribe. You know you want to.

Web Address: www.freelancefolder.com
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Men With Pens

What’s to be said about Men With Pens? Badass? Maybe. Informative? Absolutely. Covering topics from copywriting to design and everything in between, one thing is for sure; Men With Pens doesn’t need you, you need Men With Pens.

Web Address: www.menwithpens.ca
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Pro Writing Tips

This is a superb blog for those interested solely in writing topics, which means readings for everyone from technical writers to creative authors. If writing is your life, you should add Pro Writing Tips to it.

Web Address: www.prowritingtips.com
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Filled with loads of tips, advice and resources, Inkthinker is a practical reference for all word aficionados.

Web Address: www.inkthinkerblog.com
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The Fluent Self

Sometimes it’s good to step away from the PC (or Mac) and just reflect. Enter The Fluent Self, a lofty blog to visit if you are in need of a shoulder who knows exactly what you (the writer) are going through.

Web Address: www.fluentself.com
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Two posts to “destuckify” your mind: It’s Not Freaking Easy Okay? and The Art and Science of Pricing
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What notable writing-related blogs do you feed on?

BONUS: DesignCrowd Blog

Even though most of your time is spent putting pen-to-paper or fingertips-to-keyboard, it’s also worthwhile getting some design inspiration – to give you a different form of creative juice. DesignCrowd offers a design crowdsourcing service where you can access a massive pool of professional international logo, web and graphic designers. They also have a blog which has some awesome content including logo round-ups and trends analysis.

Web Address: www.designcrowd.com
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a few posts to get you going:
32 Famous Triangle Logos
, 20 Cutting Edge Website Designs and Trends for 2014 and for some extra love a discount! DesignCrowd Discount Code

What notable writing-related blogs do you feed on?

Erika Martinez is a graphic designer, writer, blogger and teacher in Miami. Writing and design are two of her passions but she also enjoys history, children’s books, the arts, shoes and all things red. Find her at MonaEveDesignFarm.com, on Twitter, as well as on Facebook.


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