Coffee Shop Losing Its Magic? Find Motivation in a Forgotten Environment

I take my laptop almost everywhere I go. As a digital creative professional and hobbyist, I never know when I will have a little down time and want to put in a few minutes or a few hours on a project. Often I work from home, from the wonders of my coffee table in front of the television. Sometimes I get the opportunity for a few minutes between clients at my day job. And every once in a while I will spoil myself with an extravagantly priced cup of coffee and work from the local coffee house.

New Environment

This afternoon a good friend, mentioned that she’d be doing some studying at the local library, and perhaps this would be a good chance to spend some time together face-to-face. I was at a breaking point in my work, and decided it would be nice to see her, and to be out of the house for a while.

At this point I should guiltily admit that since moving to Cleveland I had not taken the time to apply for a library card. Sure there are branches all over the greater Cleveland area, one even just a few blocks from my home, but it was one of those thing I kept putting off. Today I figured I had procrastinated long enough. I would take a few minutes and get a card.

Finding The Magic


If you’ve ever seen the movie The Pagemaster with Macaulay Culkin and Christopher Lloyd, then you’ve seen what I experienced. I handed the librarian my application and a few pieces of identification to prove my residence, she typed away at her computer for a few moments and then slid me a card that seemed to magically glow in the palm of my hand. I stared at it for a moment with a smile and then tucked it safely into my wallet.

I met my friend at the back of the library in the quiet study area. We whispered hello and caught up briefly before she set to her work and I to mine. As I sat in that quiet space, the magic card in my pocket began to glow. Its aura encompassed me. I was drawn to my work with a focus I had not experienced in years.


Like magic, the work flew by in no time! Video projects were completed within moments. Articles were written, and blogs updated. Surrounded by the wisdom of the years, I was productive and inspired beyond my wildest imagination.

Productivity When You Least Expect It

My friend and I occasionally exchanged glances, admiring each other’s productivity and casually wondering how our individual studies we progressing. But we each knew that this place had a hold of us. We knew that we were caught up I the magic of the library.

If you haven’t rediscovered your local library for a while, I encourage you to do so. Take the time to get a library card, your passport to adventure. It will lead you places you never imagined you could go. It’s the best investment I’ve made in a long time!


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