Friday Question: Do You Listen To AudioBooks?

When we read, we hear the words in our head, in our own voice. It is part of the magic of fiction, that we bring the words to life within ourselves. But it’s also popular, increasingly so due to portable audio media and the Internet, to create audiobooks.

Sometimes it’s old classics read by your favourite celebrities (like Stephen Fry reading the Harry Potter series) but often authors will create audiobook versions of their own stories, and read them themselves. Sometimes, like horror/sci-fi author Scott Sigler they will even start out with serialised audiobooks, building a following to allow them to then create print copies.

But, the question is…

Do You Like Audiobooks?


Audiobooks can be incredibly convenient, and they are great for listening to in the car or while you cook the dinner. But some people don’t like them as they are arguably not as immersive as reading for yourself, and the experience you would have listening to a story will most likely be different than if you’d read it.

But, does this matter?

And would you create audio versions of your own work? Maybe start out this way like Scott Sigler has (very successfully) done?

Let us know your thoughts on audiobooks.


Please share what you think about audiobooks in the comments section below.

Photo courtesy of yum9me.

Christopher Jackson is the Editor for Fuel Your Writing and a creative copywriter. He is currently working on Project: Snotbook, an interactive children’s storybook for iPad.


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