Giant Frozen Skeleton: Weird & Wonderful Writing Prompts

Writing prompts can be found all over the Internet, from single words to pictures to scenarios. Hey, a writing prompt doesn’t even have to be a “Writing Prompt” to be a writing prompt – anything can be used to kick off a piece of writing. But it’s nice when some thought has been put into something which is meant to kick start someone’s imagination.

This weekend I came across a new feature on the sci-fi/fantasy/science/tech/geek site io9Concept Art Writing Prompts. What I really like about it is that the pictures will most likely be weird and wonderful – a step up perhaps from a lot of ordinary and mundane prompts you might come across.


This is the first – a fantastically bizarre and playful image titled “Autopsy Lake”, by illustrator John Hendrix. It’s so wonderfully over-the-top that I’m sure it won’t fail to spure you into a story, even if it’s just a quick piece of flash fiction.

I think this will become a great resource for writing prompts, although at one a week it will grow slowly. It will be perfect though for the writer wishing to write a story a week perhaps, follow along and take your cue from io9 each week. The site always shows amazing and interesting artwork, so I am sure this feature will be no exception.


What do you think of this feature? Do you know any other sites with similarly interesting and unique writing prompts? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below!

Image courtesy of io9.

Christopher Jackson is the Editor for Fuel Your Writing and a creative copywriter. He is currently working on Project: Snotbook, an interactive children’s storybook for iPad.


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