How to Improve Your Writing in One Step

What do you think when you see those typically government-funded studies with stop-the-presses news like “Rain Causes Things to Get Wet” or “Daily Cheeseburgers Can Lead to Weight Gain?”  Two common responses: “Our taxes paid for that?” and “Well, duh!”

It’s the same simplicity when it comes to improving your writing in one step. While I’m no medical expert, I do know about physical exercise. People who frequently work out often reach a plateau where their body doesn’t feel as pushed as it did when they first started a particular exercise. The best way for people to overcome this “muscle memory” is to change their routine. If you only jog, try cycling. If you only do bench presses, try push ups. You get the picture.

It’s the same with our brains. If we work the same schedule at our computers long enough, we’re going to hit that inevitable plateau. We know that physical activity causes the brain to release those healthy endorphins that give us a “natural high” and sense of well being.  Per several studies (the valid kind), we also know that those released brain chemicals boost creativity.  So how do we improve our writing in one step? The answer is in the question – just take one step away from your computer and do something physical.

walk sign

I’m not talking about a training for a triathlon. I’m suggesting writers take a break from technology and walk around your office. Better yet, take the stairs down to the lobby, fast-walk to the snack bar, jog to the mailbox or walk the dog. Regardless of your work environment, doing something physical is almost always possible. Your body and your mind will thank you for it.


Susan Hart, APR, is an independent Public Relations consultant with 25+ years of experience. Beginning as a journalist, she represents clients in health care, financial, technology and real estate offering professional writing as a primary service. She is accredited by the PRSA.


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