The Lies That We Tell Ourselves That Stop Us Writing

I, like most writers I know, am my own worst enemy.

We stop ourselves from writing by coming up with excuses. But really, most of these excuses are just lies that we tell ourselves. They are internal fears, that we twist into lies to become false external excuses over which we feel we have no control.


But we do.

Stop Listening To Your Excuses Lies

KM Weiland, at her Wordplay site, has compiled an excellent list of the excuses that we put upon ourselves for not writing, and how to smash through them.

Here is a selection:

1. I have no talent.

2. The odds of being published are too high.

3. I’m too exhausted/stressed/wired.

5. Fiction offers nothing of value to the world.

7. Writing is too hard.

9. I need to learn more about how to write.

The Danger Of The Word ‘Too’

One of the key problems here, Weiland highlights, is the use of the word “too”. “Writing is too hard… I’m too tired… the publishing odds are too high.”

That little word turns these statements of facts into lies, and then they become excuses.

Yes, writing is hard. Yes, the odds of being published are high. And I’ve no doubt that you are pretty tired after working your day job, looking after your family, doing chores around the house.

But none of these things should really be enough to stop you from writing.

So, stop lying to yourself. Head on over to Weiland’s site for more writing excuses and how to smash them.


How to you overcome your excuses? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

Image courtesy of childofdarkness72.

Christopher Jackson is the Editor for Fuel Your Writing and a creative copywriter. He is currently working on Project: Snotbook, an interactive children’s storybook for iPad.


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